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Oscilloscope of Compromise

Posted by Syed Naqui on

I'm currently developing the rapid fire feature for the Arsenal One. For this I need to take a look a the analog signals of the Xbox One controller. To do so, I would need an oscilloscope. Unfortunately my o-scope is on order, so I decided to MacGyver one with a micro controller. The following details are going to get really nerdy, proceed with caution.

What I did was setup a micro to read ADC values in a 500us loop. I would then save all this information to RAM, then copy it into Excel. I would create a graph in excel using a scatter plot and voila! I have my scope output. Now, with this setup I don't have any real-time data, and I can't setup a trigger, but it works for what I need to do for now.

Here's my excel output:

The y-axis is the ADC counts, the X-axis is the sample number. "released - value in DEC" means the ADC value in decimal when the triggers are released on the controller. "pressed - value in DEC" means the ADC in decimal when the triggers are pulled on the controller. With this info, rapid fire is born!

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