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PS4 Slim Controller Board Now Available!

Posted by Syed Naqui on

We've just launched the PS4 Slim (JDM-040) remap board to our store! With the remap board you can add up to 4 tactile buttons to your PS4 controller to make it eSports ready. Use it to play like a pro, and even qualify for MLG/UMG events.

Check it out here:
PS4 Slim Static Remap Board

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  • The install video is here:
    We also have the programmable board available here:

    Arsenal Mod on
  • When will install video be available>?

    John G on
  • Yes, that is correct! Our boards also support JDM-050 and JDM-055 for the PS4 which are for the PS4 Slim and Pro controllers.

    Amir on
  • Hey I had a question. The JDM-040 is the controller with the light bar correct? If it is I’m going to order!

    Chris G on

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